David Altman(non-registered)
Congrats on the SI cover.
Amazing that it is not standard practice to notify photog that an image has been used for a cover (even though they have the rights). Even the swimsuit issue cover models know in advance by a few hours!
Mike Lusher(non-registered)
Great idea, Bill. Looking forward to more great pics. Thanks.
Kathy B(non-registered)
Great photo's Bill, as always you do great work.
Julie Fleming(non-registered)
You do such beautiful work!
Lou Hamilton(non-registered)
Great site Willie! Terrific to be able to see so many of your awesome photos! Thanks for sharing!/Lou
Robin Nunn(non-registered)
Beautiful shots, Bill. I know this was a lot of work to put together, but your friends and fans will appreciate it.
Kathy Schurwan(non-registered)
Only the Best from the Best. Great work Bill and congrats!
Joe Driskill(non-registered)
Bill, thanks for putting your photos up on a website. They are absolutely great. I have always loved your work. Best wishes!
FA1 Retired(non-registered)
I've always enjoyed your photos. A website containing same is great. Keep the photos coming. And, say hi to Mitchie for me. X/O/X/O . . . . .
Ruben Micich
Only one picture of me...that's it !!! I'll say hi to Suzie for you.
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